9 - 18 August
Limnos – Greece – Swimtrekking & Orienteering
Áyios Aléxandros
29 July - 7 August
Ithaca island – Greece – Swimtrekking & Orienteering
La Maddalena 20-26 July; 27 July - 2 August - 1 week programme
C2S – CORSICA to SARDINIA – Strait of Bonifacio swim crossing

A unique way to explore the sea......

Swimtrekking is a philosophy of living the sea. It literally means swimming and trekking, but with land trekking it only shares the way of exploring the environment. The Swimtrekking experiences consist in real swimming excursions in open water, supported by a non-competitive, sport-swimming spirit and a deep-rooted environmentalist sensitivity.

Swimtrekking is the perfect experience for swimmers looking for something a little bit different. Equipped with a mask, a snorkel, flippers and a diving suit, you have everything you need in a miniature, portable, fibreglass dinghy.

The spirit of adventure

Discover the wonders of the marine world while swimming along the coastlines of some of the most stunning island locations, exploring magical underwater worlds and uncovering idyllic beaches. A unique experience to be shared with your travelling companions.

The sea’s embrace

Home to the Greek god Poseidon, the sea’s waters are omnipresent, all-enveloping and embracing. Water, the source of life that silently unveils breath-taking panoramas and a host of flora and fauna. An enriching and unforgettable experience that holds an infinite number of surprises.


Discovering the beauty of silence

Gliding through the water or suspended in its warm embrace with the added sensation of the depth and the vastness of the sea opens doors to an unexpected world of silence and to a spontaneous moment of meditation where everything can be traced back to a single molecule of water.

Learning to listen

With every stroke that echoes a heartbeat and every breath that fuels each gentle movement, the surrounding silence makes us acutely aware of our own physical presence and the act of breathing, leading us into a state that oscillates between the real and the imaginary.


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